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                        Child Problem


In todays world of competition stress on students is increasing . Because of increased use of Internet , T.V. , mobile , social media mental stress on students is increasing .





  • Lack of concentration

  • Excessive use of Facebook and Whatsapp

  • Physical and mental changes during adolescent

  • Excessive freedom and Strict Parenting

  • Problem in personality



  • Teenage Related Issues
  • Child Parent Relationship
  • Friends
  • Nuclear Family problem
  • Use of Technology
  • Habits of eating


Children are innocent but in Teenage they become rebel . If they get right guidance track of their life can be changed . Forceful you can not change children .


In Manpravah with the help of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy , REBT, CBT, Family Therapy ,MBCT, Supportive Psychotherapy , NIP,Brain Programming , NLP transformation of life of children takes place


Manpravah is friend , philosopher and guide of children .


UPSC, MPSC and other competitive exam


In UPSC and other Competitive Exam you require stable mind and concentration along with study .


You need to focus on your goal to achieve it .


In Manpravah with the help of NLP, Practical Mind Programming , REBT, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy you become mentally strong to tackle any exam .

 * Result May vary from person to person*

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