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Manpravah Hypnoclinic is a ray of hope for people who are mentally disturbed , fed up of life and willing to regenerate their life and create new beginning .


Manpravah Hypnoclinic is established by renowned Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist Dr Sukumar Munje in 2011. Within short span of time growth of Manpravah is truly amazing . We currently have three branches Elephistone/Parel(W) , Vashi(Heart of Navi Mumbai) & New Panvel (heart of third Mumbai).


Manpravah is not only a hypnoclinic but a family and this family is expanding at exponential growth .Our Tagline is Manpravah .. Express Yourself Freely denote our unique feature . Here everyone will get platform to share their feeling . Before entering Manpravah people have baggage of negative thoughts , assumptions , but after entering here all this baggage will get vanished and you will experience your rebirth and transformation in life.


So come here and feel the difference . Be ready to conquer height of success in your life.



 * Result May vary from person to person*

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